Background regarding Saint Jude 


A unique painting of who we believe is St Jude. The Saint of the poor and helpless. He is carrying a club which represents both St Jude and St James. There is a very unusual feature to this painting. What appears to be a second halo though the shape isn’t anything we have been able to identify. Will require more research. 

 We feel that this painting is from the 17th century, though it could be from the early 18th century as well. It is on hammered copper which was very much in use in those time periods. The painting is not signed and we have not been able to attribute this painting to any artist in particular. We do feel it is likely German though one could make an argument for Italian as well.  Again more research is required.

There is a pencil written note on the verso about an esquire that owned the painting in the 19th century. Not fully legible. Requires research.

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